How To Gettalife

The objective of Gettalife is to build your Life Grid while blocking your opponents from building theirs. As you build your grid, you accumulate points. The player with the most points after the deck runs out is crowned the winner, and has thus Gottalife!

How to Build Your Grid

There are four Life Goals (Relationship, Wealth, Knowledge and Experience) and four levels of success, or value, attainable for each goal (Blue, Orange, Silver and Gold). The objective is to build your life grid horizontally by playing one of each of the life goals, and vertically by growing more successful within each life goal (by adding to that life goal's value, or color scheme).

You can block your opponents from successfully growing a particular life goal by playing a Hard Knock card on that column. The only way for that person to continue building their grid in that column is to play a Silver Spoon card to remove the hard knock. If they don't have a silver spoon, then they must wait to draw one from the deck, or negotiate a trade.

Fill your grid horizontally with all four life goals in a particular color, and you can become a Legend, earning additional points and protecting that row of your grid from future hard knocks. Fill your grid vertically by collecting one of every color for a particular life goal, and you can enter Knighthood, protecting that column of your grid from future hard knocks. *Read the official rules or watch the video above to learn the appropriate process for building your life grid.

There is also the Damage card, which simply nullifies the point value of a corresponding silver life goal card. Play one round with these cards until the deck runs out. Then combine the trash cards and the kitty (12 random cards set aside at the beginning of the game) and shuffle them together with the second deck (Bliss, Divine Intervention, Satan's Sinners and Death…refer to The Cards section or watch the video above for a detailed explanation of these cards).

Once the deck is finished after round 2, the game is over. The player with the most points wins!

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