I was reluctant to play this game as many of my games just end up in the cupboard, but it was actually fun to learn what all the cards did. We popped the DVD in and we were up and away in a few minutes. Once I got into it I realised there was a heap of strategy to it and I just wanna keep playing    - Katherine Howse

When they said it was a card game I thought ... boring! But how wrong was I ! its great, I’m definitely taking it travelling with me! – Susan McDonough

Whenever I get my friends around I am reluctant to play games with them cause we end up arguing... ironically Gettalife gets this out of the way straight away cause if someone does something you don’t like, you just tell’em to Gettalife! - Casey Johnie John.

Initially I thought it might be like 'Tibbles" - but no! its a real novelty! - Richard Simmonds.

At first I thought it was simpler ( as in less complex ) and more luck based, than it ended up being. I ended up discovering different tactics and a variety of possible strategies that was different to other games i've played. It was also quicker than I thought it would be. --- Leslie.

"I enjoyed myself, even though I was a loser! I loved crossing to the dark side to destroy!!" - Alison Salmons

"Liked it, loved it, got it!! I enjoyed the strategic nature of the game and the bartering! Most of all I like winning!! " - Yvette Urlich

I thought this might be difficult, it is very strategic - challenging, but not so it was difficult to learn. I must admit I had a totally different perception before we started! It certainly keeps you mind guessing - Debbie

I'm not going to lie; I didn't expect to love this game. I expected it to be mildly interesting, and based solely on a gimmick of using a catchphrase from the 80s. But I was very pleasantly surprised that not only did I enjoy it, I wanted to play it not twice in a row, but thrice. And then we played some more the next day. Unfortunately, I still don't have my Gottalife card, but I hope someday to carry it around with me so when I finally get to achieve my personal life goal of watching the All Blacks play, at Eden Park, I can proudly proclaim that I finally "Gottalife". Check out how to play in the video, see if it's up your alley, and if it sounds like a winner, pick it up. We had one naysaying whiner out of 6 of us that didn't like it, so I can't say it's for everyone. But, I sure did! - superflyCircus Pete

Great review. I too have a copy of GettaLife and wasn't sure what to think after reading the rules and watching the video. Boy was I surprised! I highly recommend this game as well.- Hank Panethiere